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amazed as well. >> did you think they would be tied for first? >> never in my life. who would have thought this? >> did you ever think the o's would be in first place? >> i don not think nobody did. >> fans were already lined up at the ticket booth in camden yards. o's fans could not be more excited. >> i love them. it is exciting. we love it. >> it has been a long time since we have in the playoffs. it is real exciting for everybody. >> and fans are stocking up on o's stuff.
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>> it is crazy. they are buying a lot of hats. we are happy about it. >> as a fan yourself, it is exciting. >> it is. they are planned this weekend. it should be great. >> some are not taking chances. they are already buying playoff texas. >> this is what i want. playoff tickets. and you are buying them. [laughter] >> there is a lot of excitement. we are here at camden yards and you can see behind me, people are still lined up buying tickets as we speak right now. that was played toronto tonight in toronto and then tomorrow night the come to baltimore and play the yankees in a three game series tomorrow night and the a statue of cal ripken jr. will be unveiled. a big night tomorrow night to
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say the least. what else can a fan asked for? what about football? gerry sandusky has that. >> it is a busy night downtown to say the least. ravens fans getting the season kicked off tonight when they will watch your on channel 11. ravens fans have shown up here setting up and the cheerleaders have shown up as well. it kicks off on monday night at home against the cincinnati bengals. the first time they will have a monday night home game since five years ago. a trip to the championship game and that means this year the expectations are even higher. there ravens have been dominant at home. they have won their last stand straight. the only tape -- team to go to the playoffs each of the last four years.
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as i mentioned, the expectations are higher than ever. the players cannot wait to get this started as well. >> he had done a great job this year. i think you can see a different joe, a guy who understands. not since he did not before but i think, you know, the way he has let himself, i can he is doing a very good job knowing where the ball is supposed to be. >> it is a special season when the raven's defensive players are excited about the offensive players. we have much more coming up tonight with a countdown to kickoff right here at 7:00 and we will be joined by a linebacker. wbal, tb 11 news. >> a verdict in the trial of two
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men charged with the murder last year at a town center. after three days of deliberation, a jury found frank williams guilty of murder. testimony revealed the defendants were members of the black guerrilla family gang. prosecutors contend the planned a hit because the victim disrespected the game. >> we consider these two to be major players because they orchestrated the whole thing. because they were able to orchestrate that, we feel like they need to be held responsible as the shooter. >> the convictions include first degree murder and conspiracy. a senate -- a sentencing is scheduled for october 12. the state is seeking life without the possibility of parole. a teenager was shot and killed in the parking lot of a motel and police say they know who pulled the trigger. the news came down late this morning that he is behind bars.
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police used surveillance video to connecting to the murder weapon. on august 19, authorities were called to the ramada inn along the 6 cent -- 6400 block where a fight had broken out involving multiple people. kelvin glasgow was killed in the chaos. >> the safety board released its findings on the trend to recommend today including more about when the accident occurred -- a train derailment today including more about when the accident occurred. david? >> the document does not rebuild the cause of the accident. it confirms what investigators have already told 11 news when they were on the scene. plein-air findings do not state a cause of the derailment in downtown. investigators say it may take them up to a year to figure that
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out. so far, the train derailed at 1150 6:00 p.m.. not after midnight as initially believed. data indicates that the train traveled the posted speed limit, 25 miles an hour. it cost $2.2 million in damage including environmental impact. it smothered two 19 year-old woman who were sitting on the bridge over main street. emergency responders found them. under cole. in a finding, -- buried under coal. in a finding, they looked at repairs in the dram in section of the track. samples are going under analysis. the report also indicates that investigators have inspected all equipment, including signals, cars, and the locomotives. in addition to speed, the report
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rules out whether as a factor in the crash. the weather at the time was a cloudy sky with the temperatures 65 degrees. >> police are trying to figure out what caused a cement truck to overturn this morning. it was breaking news today on 11 news at noon. we were over the scene above the on ramp. the police were forced to shut down that ramp and one lane -- it took about an hour to clear everything. no word on injuries. >> warm conditions all across the area again this afternoon. temperatures are above normal, getting close to 90 degrees in some spots. near the 90 degree mark then there are some isolated storms
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to track on hd doppler, especially on the eastern shore. a shower in the past hour or so. this could bring us some lightning and the downpour for the next couple of hours and then drift off to the south and east. it is very isolated on radar this afternoon. most of it to the south and east and tonight will be pleasant other than the fact it is humid out there. we will see when the mother -- weather will get pushed out in a few minutes. theirh the o's enjoying first spot time since the 1990's, it seems. that the orioles -- eerie that his statue will be unveiled. that is where we find rob. >> i tell you what, it is going to be a big night to mark.
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cal ripken jr. is with me. it was a big night on september 6 when he broke that record. it is 17 years since you've broke the record and that is why you're getting this debt to tomorrow. >> the statue unveiling has been a wonderful thing for oriole baseball. it has been heartfelt. there is a connection to the orioles of the past. it has been very emotional in many ways. i expect it to be emotional tomorrow. statues' capture the like this of the players. >> have you seen it? -- statues capture the laich likeness of the players. >> have you seen it? >> i have. you can see the silhouette. you know immediately who is. certainly jim with his leg kick,
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eddie, you can see the chops on him. it is a wonderful thing. i really enjoyed them. my night coincides with the record-breaking night of september 6, which makes it more appealing. >> the o's are looking good. it does a lot of fun in town. >> it is an exciting season. i look at the game score every single night whether i am in town or not. there is a magic associated with that team. they are fun to watch. some of the young pitchers seem to be getting better. tied for first is not a bad place to be. >> when i was watching the other night, i've watched you a lot. i do not know anything about baseball. it looks like they are looking for that pitch and they are very patient. d.c. that? >> the symptoms of when they're hitting well, they look like
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they are patient. and then they look like they are impatient when they are not hitting well. the big factor was him jumping into the first slot. he is not the prototypical hitter but he knows the strike some better than anybody. it seems like he has been the spark, along with mark reynolds, who has gotten hot. they are not the prototypical team but their defense has improved. mark is over at first for most of that time. they have a good team. they have a good chance. >> looking back at your career, what are you most proud of? >> there are a couple of moments that stand out first and foremost. winning the world series. that was the most exciting moment, by far. the 21-31 night in 1995 where i took a lap around the field. i did it to get the game started but as i realized into is, it
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was an intimate moment with each and every fan that i could touch. it was a special moment. >> as always, you are a gentleman. the people in the city and state levy. you have always carried herself with such honor and dignity. before we go, everybody wants to know, how is your mom doing? >> we are thankful to have her back. physically she is fine. emotionally, it was a traumatic experience. she is still scarred. but she is trying to forget about it and get on with her life. i think her kids are more nervous and a reminder of it. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> a nice interview. >> yes, it is. he said his son to the school
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and said it -- -- >> instead he got the call that his son had been shot. one week later, he is sitting down with our reporter. the
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>> last week it was hurricane isaac to laying the republican convention and today the democrats had to make a change. >> president obama's acceptance speech is moved indoors. steve handelsman has the latest. he is in charlotte. >> good evening from the dnc in charlotte. remember that grande acceptance speech in denver four years ago? democrats this year had something similar plan but it cannot happen. president obama are arrived in charlotte as the news spread he will give his speech thursday night in the main convention venue. time warner renown, not in the bank of america stadium. the chance of rain is serving -- 30%. >> the risk of having this and
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drench outweighed the benefits they got in denver for a big outdoor crowd. and clint eastwood shows that when a speech gets undercut by circumstances. >> republicans charged democrats could not fill the stadium. >> it has more to do with the attendance rather than precipitation. >> a delegate says she was pestered for tickets. >> messages, phone calls, the males from everyone i know. i know they could have filled every seat. >> with the stadium canceled, thousands to wait for seats are out of luck on thursday. >> i got my ticket and was so excited. i wake to four hours. >> tonight, -- i waited four hours. >> tonight, bill clinton gives a speech. he will make the case for obama reelection.
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democrats that had tickets for tomorrow night that will not be able to fit in got good news from organizers. it promised to try to get the tickets to see him someplace else. steve handelsman, et wbal -- >> 11 news. -- wbal tv 11 news. >> now it is the women of the senate post return. >> barbara will be leading them. the longest serving woman in history will lead a program highlighting the 12 women running this year for the senate. she will be joined by fellow senators including barbara boxer of california. this is not her first convention. she also spoke in denver four years ago. if you would like to see more coverage, you can download at smartphone app and you can read more on our website, wbal-
5:19 pm >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a couple of isolated showers in parts of delaware. these showers have been drifting into the south and east of baltimore. no lightning associated with the storm is yet but there are some strikes up over parts of new jersey and off the new jersey shore. a little bit of lighting in this weather pattern but so far we have been clear of the thunderstorms and you can see that line from the upper eastern shore into northern virginia. it is moving away so i think we will be ok as far as precipitation goes. it is still in the low-90's at this hour. 92 downtown. it is muddied out there.
5:20 pm
-- muggy out there. tropical, really. that will continue to fuel an isolated storm to the southeast the baltimore and then some patchy fog. the sun goes down at 7:00 this evening. this boundary, the school's front will slide south of us. it is not going to cool things off because behind it we will have more clear skies and sunshine and that will heat things up. chicago will be approaching so that will also keep the risk of a thunderstorm going. near 90 tomorrow. a couple of isolated thunderstorms. sunrise at 6:40. it will be monday -- muggy again tomorrow. a week wind shift behind that front with winds around a foot and a water temperatures in the low-80's. two systems to watch and both are getting stronger.
5:21 pm
we have lesley sitting out here closer to land and michael into the atlantic. michael is almost a hurricane. it is expected to become a category one storm in the middle of the atlantic. lesley is a category one storm and its expected to be a category 2 hurricane as it approaches hamilton in bermuda. sometime early on sunday and then it passes all the way into the north atlantic. it may bring some damaging winds into the bermuda area. no threat to us. the seven day, tomorrow, 90 degrees with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. the weekend features another front moving in. a good chance on saturday lingering into sunday morning and clearing out and feeling like fall early next week just in time for ravens football. >> thank you.
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an athletic field has been dedicated. she is the young woman who was beaten to death by her ex- boyfriend. her connection, next. >> the number of children diagnosed with skin cancer has increased. what could be behind this new trend? . >> schools are about to get a big boost. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done.
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and cause other problems. although uncommon, pregnancy while using mirena can be life threatening and may result in loss of pregnancy or fertility. ovarian cysts may occur, but usually disappear. bleeding and spotting may increase in the first few months and continue to be irregular. periods over time may become shorter, lighter, or even stop. mirena does not protect against hiv or stds. oh, i can wait a little longer. ask about mirena. when you have time. did you know ? if you choose mirena to prevent pregnancy, it's also approved to treat heavy periods.
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>> you will be remembered at her alma mater. her name has already been painted on the field and plans an official dedication on friday. the ceremony will include remarks from her family as well as school representatives. she was a standout lacrosse player and graduated in 2006. ine's killer was convicted february and last week was sentenced to 23 years in prison with no parole.
5:26 pm
>> we begin tonight medical alert was some good news for football season. roger adel announced the organization will donate $30 million to the foundation for the nih. it is still up for discussion between how it will be divided up for all sports related industry -- injuries. the goal is to learn more about concussion prevention and treatment and a brain diseases and weather playing football can lead to alzheimer's. when most people hear the term posttraumatic stress disorder you think of the military but it does not discriminate. researchers are looking at patients who never set foot on the battlefield with the hopes of preventing it from developing. doctors are trying to prevent the condition by starting patients on therapy immediately
5:27 pm
after a traumatic event like a car accident or being the victim of violence. finally, a startling find. more people are being diagnosed with skin cancer. doctors are not sure why this is cropping up but they believe genetics and light exposure playing a role. most people do not accessed -- associate skin cancer with children but more and more children have the condition in teenagers and kids as young as 10. everything from carcinoma to melanoma. pediatrician should be doing skin checks as part of a checkup. >> it has been a violent few days across baltimore. nearly a dozen shot over 24 hours. police tell us the list is growing. details had it 5:00 fergie -- details ahead at 5:30. >> talking about his son's
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>> life, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. your forecast with tom tasselmyer and covering breaking news where you live. wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> right now, more than a week after a shooting, daniel's
5:30 pm
condition is improving. tonight we hear from his family. his father sat down with tim this afternoon. >> we have more on what his dad had to say. >> he says that his son is making some major improvements but said there is a long way to go but he tells me that he and his family are thankful for all of the glimmers of hope. just a little while ago you got to visit with your son. tell me about his condition today, right now. >> he had breakfast. he got up, he took a lap around the pool. >> take me back to death monday. you had gotten a call. you did not know until later --
5:31 pm
tell me about the moment. >> i get a call that it was daniel. what was daniel? my son told me, daniel was shot. i had my moment. but i knew at that point it was not time for that moment. >> we cannot talk about the accused. but what are some of your thoughts in terms of how this has taken place and how this is impacted your family? >> as far as the accused, absolutely no comment. nothing. my entire focus is on my son. and by other kids and rose mary, that they get through it. >> his mother referenced in to
5:32 pm
that interview has been by her son's side since day one. coming up, more of this interview. >> it is good to know he is doing better. here is a look at some of our top stories. preliminary findings on the fatal train derailment today but the cause of the incident is still not known investigators say it may take a year to 18 months to figure it out. so far they have determined it derailed 1150 6:00 p.m. and that the train traveled the posted speed. authorities estimate the cost $2.2 million in damage. a verdict in the trial of two man accused of murder in december of last year. frank williams and william ward were found guilty of first- degree murder in the death of
5:33 pm
rodney. a sentencing is scheduled for october 12. after a violent labor day weekend, two more shootings in the city, one of them deadly. police are searching for clues after finding a man shot in the head inside of a home. that call went out to before midnight and the man died after 12:30 this morning. police have not identified him and have no details on who pulled the trigger. that call came after an hour after another shooting. detectives observed a vehicle reversing and hitting a parked vehicles. inside they found a 40-year-old man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he has been treated and is expected to recover. >> smooth, cunning, and
5:34 pm
calculated. that is how rodney getlan is described. he pleaded guilty to nine counts of mortgage fraud. prosecutors believe he swindled 45 victims. barry simms is in the newsroom. one victim ask for no leniency. >> that is right. they described the anguish they have suffered. all they wanted or modifications to save their homes. they place their trust in this man. rodney getlan admitted he had no license to take freeze for feet -- licensing and not victims to consent to listing him on their loans but did not turn over payments to the banks. prosecutors want him to spend 30 years in prison. some of the victims lost their homes and others lost thousands of dollars. they say he knew he was being investigated and continue taking funds.
5:35 pm
the defense is seeking a lot like her sentence and seeking a psychological evaluation. >> his excuse is that he has a mental issue. his only issue is he is a thief. he has to face the fact of what he is. we had to face the fact of losing our home. >> he was a despicable character, to take a man. my husband is 94, and to take, and i am 83, to take people and the last years of their life, and take their money away, and now he is going to take our house away because i cannot afford a loan that is upside down. i lost $84,000. >> he comes back to court on december 3 for sentencing. prosecutors are seeking $400,000 in restitution. >> thank you.
5:36 pm
still ahead, flags are at half staff as a navy seal killed is laid to rest. details on his service is coming up. >> american airlines says he was not ready to fly. but they say it is discrimination. the story behind
5:37 pm
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>> flags are at half staff in honor of the navy still killed and at that -- afghanistan he is now laid to rest following the funeral service this afternoon. he died on august 16, killed when a military helicopter crashed during a firefight. some of his neighbors said their goodbyes earlier this week as his body was brought from annapolis along with 200 people to pay their respects. officers with the police department will be saying goodbye to one of their own this friday. he died last week after
5:40 pm
complications from surgery. officials say the surgery stem from an accident he was involved in while on duty back in february. he had been responding to a call when his signal ran through a red light in collided with another car, sending his vehicle into a pole. that funeral will be held on friday morning at 10:00. taylor was a seventh year veteran of the force. -- a 17 year veteran for the force. >> a family flying home to california is fighting with american airlines. they say they were kicked off because their son has down syndrome. the way to to look bored with their son but were told there were not allowed in. john began to videotape because he was running around and when the pilot tried to calm him down, his efforts were not
5:41 pm
successful. they claimed they offered to book another fight for the family. they say they plan to sue the company and teach them and people in general a valuable lesson. >> two-7 reported after a 7.6 earthquake. when fatality was a man working at a construction site. the other was a woman who died of a heart attack. it was the biggest sense 1991. but that earthquake killed 47 people. >> if you think of mcdonald's you think of the bid, a m -- of a big mac. >> where you have to go to find a meat-free mcdonald's. >> it has been two years since the gulf oil disaster but issac the gulf oil disaster but issac
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes...
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where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> reaction to how a judge treated a domestic violence victim. should he be allowed to return to the bench? and the father of the school shooting victim daniel. shooting victim daniel. that report and much
5:44 pm
>> of the archdiocese's made a campaign announcement today. they have big plans to help further the catholic church's
5:45 pm
mission. kim has details. >> the archdiocese of baltimore is is embarking on a campaign to raise $100 million. >> to provide the resources necessary for the catholic church in the archdiocese of baltimore to continue that mission of educating children, serving the poor, and preaching and sharing the gospel. >> the embracing our mission initiative is the first capital campaign by the archdiocese and 15 years. they have already raised $64 million, half of the $100 million will go to catholic schools. >> we want to have excellence in the 21st century. we want to make sure we educate the children well but they are prepared as they go on to high school and college and for the work force as well. >> the money will go to renovate schools like this one.
5:46 pm
and equip them with the latest technology. it will also fund new programs and tuition assistance. $20 million will go to parishes and $10 million will go to charities in their programs. >> the money is important because we know the work we do in our community through our programs and the volunteers and with our amazing staff, that we are making a difference in improving the lives of people. >> the archdiocese's looking for donations to keep the tradition alive and well. >> it invites the community to be a part of this new building of our legacy and the continuation of that. >> for more information, you could find a link on our website. >> fishing has been restricted on the new orleans coast. officials are trying to figure out whether these tar balls are
5:47 pm
left over from the oil spill in 2010. oil has been washing up after hurricane isaacs stirred things up in an area impacted by the disaster two years ago involving a 13 mile stretch of coastline. samples are being analyzed for a possible connections. officials with bp say it is too early to tell. >> are we done with the rain? >> a couple of spots are getting rain right now when we are going to keep an eye on that. it is actually a remnant of isaac. i will show you that in a second. here at home we have the tropical moisture and heat in that is leading to thunderstorms. those storms that that to our -- have strengthened a little bit. we will see a few strikes are now moving over toward -- another shower just east of
5:48 pm
baltimore county over the bay. the potential is there for an isolated storm. then it will quiet down. most areas will miss out on the activity. at the airport, it was another hot one. 91 for the afternoon high. that is nine degrees warmer than the average. 77 ties the record for the oil warmus low temperature on this day. it could go below that later this evening. but if not, 77 would tie the record for the warmest low temperature. 96 the record high. we did not quite get to that. 45 days where the temperatures hit 90 or higher. last year we recorded 40 of them. we are ahead of that. temperatures are in the mid- 80's. 92 in the downtown baltimore. cooler on the coast and if you wake -- if you catch a charlotte, most areas will stay
5:49 pm
dry. other than those storms, we will look for some patchy fog. we have a weak front that is coming through. it will not cool things very much but there is another fund that will move in tomorrow night and that could kick up a few storms. we will wait for a stronger surge over the weekend and then next week temperatures will cool off quite a bit. the area of low pressure is generating a lot of storms but it is a small piece of what used to be isaac that came back down to the gulf and now the concern is it may generate into a new store. if it does, the name would be nadine and it would almost be in the same place as isaac. we have to see if the storms become a tropical as far as the center of low pressure. a bad a 40% chance that could have been. tomorrow, isolated storms. 87-92 degrees. waves only about a foot.
5:50 pm
the temperatures in the low- 80's. the western maryland mountains, temperatures in the 80's tomorrow and then it will be comfortable and sunshine on friday. the eastern shore, we have a thunderstorm right now. tomorrow a few more in the area. sunny skies and 90 on friday. down toward the coastal areas, 86 tomorrow. 88 on friday. it is going to continue to 04 -- fill one into the upcoming weekend. chances increase saturday evening into sunday morning. by the time the ravens are kicking off, it looks like it will be nice. cooling into the 60's in the evening. tuesday and wednesday look beautiful. >> we kickoff tonight consumer alert with a look at wall street amid concerns that a bellwether for the economy is cutting its profit.
5:51 pm
here is its impact on the three big stocks. the dow is actually up slightly with the s&p in nasdaq belt down. the nasdaq dropping nearly six points. america's national debt is growing. 16 trillion dollars. that is more than $50,000 a debt per citizen. those numbers are providing political fodder with republicans and democrats pointing the finger. just when you thought flying could not get more cramped, get ready for a tighter squeeze. united airlines is going to retrofit 150 planes with slam seats, reducing the size from 18 inches to 17 inches. it will allow for six extra seats. united says passenger should not notice the change since later will not be affected. it also plans to equip its fleet with wireless capabilities by 2015.
5:52 pm
open itss is going to of first a vegetarian restaurant. but you have to travel to india to try it. it will cost to several thousand dollars. mcdonald's will open the outlets near two of the most acclaimed religious sites. the toast millions of visitors each year. mcdonald's and india already cut beef because cows are considered sacred. vegetarian menus include a patty a traditional indian cheese. >> that sounds good. it has been a month since the summer olympics wrapped up in some of the best athletes were homegrown. for those of us who did not make it oversees to watch michael phelps make history, baltimore is planning to celebrate his achievements. he ended his career with a record 22 medals overall. that is the most by any athlete.
5:53 pm
there are also a number of apparel and paeans from the area that will be honored including jessica long, and brad of baltimore. he is the blind lieutenant injured in afghanistan. the event as monday afternoon at the inner harbor amphitheater. the show must go on but it will be in front of your people. the two of the democratic national convention has a change of plan. moved indoors because of the weather. what that -- what that means for the attendees. >> countdown is in less than two hours and the baltimore ravens are ready to celebrate. details are next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> countdown starts tonight with a celebration downtown but that is just the beginning as a raven's fans get revved up for monday's opening season. >> this season there is a change in the works for purple friday. jennifer franciotti has the details. >> with preseason behind us, this is when football season really begins and on thursday you can get in the mood with the cheerleaders. >> tomorrow that we have the cheerleader calendar party and
5:57 pm
it is from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. all of the female cheerleaders will be there. >> friday is the blow out of bed, the biggest day of celebrations when the purple caravan is back on the road from 7:00 a.m. until 11 o'clock friday night. it will stop at 30 locations including several schools. they will have free giveaways. >> come find us and follow us the hallway. the whole city is painted purple. everybody is ready for game day. a great atmosphere. >> just as the ravens get ready for the game against the bengals, the orioles, what a surprise, in the playoffs and tied for first place. that is why the ravens are declaring this friday purple and orange friday. baltimore birds of a fat deer, flocking together. >> this is really unique to have the ellison playoff contention
5:58 pm
that the same time we are starting our season. -- have the clothes in playoff contention at the same time we are starting our season. we will have a lot of orange and purple on friday. we want fans to put that on this friday. we want people to get behind baltimore. it is an exciting time. >> we are also hearing that cheerleaders will be sporting purple and orange pompoms. >> countdown to kickoff is tonight right here on tv 11. gerry and pete will be live with everything black and purple at 7:00. >> and maybe a bit of boranes. ok. that is a look at 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> now what for a judge benched for his handling of a domestic
5:59 pm
violence case. could he be fired? >> i am at the democratic national convention. big changes from the president's except in speech. we will explain. >> the lows keep on winning. a live report is coming up. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is a lebanese at 6:00 p.m. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> a judge is under fire as advocates for victims of domestic violence react to what he said in court. >> judge he ever be allowed to return to the bench? the case that got him in trouble. jim miller continues her coverage from the newsroom with the latest. >> the judicial system policing its own in cases like this. as reported yesterday, this is not the first time he has

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